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A guide to crystals for healing

Have you ever wondered about the power of crystal and what it could do for your health and wellbeing, but you aren’t too sure how to incorporate crystals into your lifestyle? Do you want to know how they work for healing and the individual properties of each crystal? In this guide we will break down the properties of each crystal and provide you with more information to help you on your path to crystal healing as an alternative medicine. 

What are healing crystals?

There are many different healing crystals available which all are said to do different things. In short, healing crystals are simply that – crystals. Scientifically, these precious stones are structures of atoms which are formed in the earth’s crust and brought to the surface through weather such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. They can also be a by-product of mining. However, in recent years crystals have been connected to spirituality and personal well-being. This makes them a popular choice for anyone who may be searching for alternative medicine. 

It is worth noting that the healing properties of crystals have no scientific evidence to suggest they truly work. Some state that the crystals only offer a placebo effect and those who are sceptical about their healing abilities may not experience any benefits as they do not have an open mind. However, if you are looking to incorporate crystals into your daily life and are hoping to discover the power of crystals then keep reading to find out the unique properties of each individual crystal. 

Common healing crystals and their uses

Healing crystals are typically broken down into different categories based on their individual healing properties. These are health, wealth, and love. 


Amethyst – A Purple stone which is said to be used for relieving anxiety and stress. This crystal is also known to be purifying, helping the user banish negative energy and thoughts, as well in aiding with a restful sleep. Amethyst is also used to enhance a person’s willpower and promote good thoughts and choices. 

Clear quartz – A clear crystal, also known as the “master healer”, used mainly for the energetic system as a whole. It stores and regulates your energy while also bringing balance to your energetic system. It is also said to improve your concentration and memory. A clear quartz is often paired with a similar stone known as a rose quartz to enhance its effects.

LabradoriteA blue-grey crystal with streak of green and other blues, also known as the crystal of transformation as it looks to change colour in certain lights. Another great crystal to banish negative energies and help its owner to regain energy. This stone is considered one of the world’s most powerful protectors in terms of healing crystals.

Jasper – A smooth crystal, also referred to as “The supreme nurturer”, has a reputation for lifting the spirits and protecting the user from negative energy by absorbing it before it reaches its owner. It can also improve confidence and courage by preparing you to face issues head on, in turn this can reduce stress. 

Selenite – This crystal is most commonly found in white but can also be found in hues of gold, peach and rose. This stone promotes peace and calm as well as supporting mental beel being and clarity.


Amazonite – A green in colour crystal known for being the stone of success and abundance. This helps the owner to manifest wealth and financial happiness in their life by encouraging them to create a strong work ethic. This in time can help them to reach their goals. 

Citrine – A golden crystal believed to be the crystal of the sun. This is said to boost creativity and motivation, which in turn can improve the wealth and mindfulness of the owner. 

Tiger’s Eye – Another golden stone, but with a glossy, shimmering finish. Used for boosting power and motivation whilst banishing fear and self-doubt. One of its main uses is to centre a person and aid in making big decisions like career changes or progress.

Turquoise – The colour is in the name. This crystal is used to help heal the body, mind, and soul. Many use it as a good luck charm as it is said to bring good fortune and support spiritual groundedness.

Sunstone – Another golden/orange crystal. This stone helps to anish fears that affect the ego such as inferiority or fear of poverty. This makes it the perfect crystal for injecting a positive energy into your wealth.

AgateThis stone comes in a wide variety of different colours and hues. It is known to help you to finely tune your desires and stay playful when it comes to reaching your wealth goals. It is also good for rejecting negative auras. 


Rose Quartz – A pink stone which is associated with love and regarded as the stone of “unconditional love”. This crystal’s main purpose is to enhance self-love, trust and respect. Some healers use it to encourage trust in relationships and to provide the user comfort in times of negativity. 

Moonstone – Typically white in colour, this stone is known for its ability to promote growth and inner-strength. It is also said to connect a person to the divine femine spirit. The crystal can be used to relieve stress and uncertainty which helps to promote a positive mind set when trying new experiences.

RhodoniteThe stone known for being able to fill your heart and soul with love. It can also increase your feelings of connection and affection for both yourself and others. The crystal is sometimes referred to as the “rescue crystal” due to its ability to enhance self-love. It is found in a pink and black mixed colour. 

To delve deeper into the crystal lore of each stone, this list has further information. 

How do crystals work for healing?

Healing crystals are said to connect to your body’s energy field – also known as chakra – to provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing, according to a study recorded by Time. This can be tapped into in many ways when using crystals. One of them is to visit a crystal healer. 

Crystal Healers

Visiting a crystal healer is one method to reap the benefits from crystal healing. These are practitioners who have had to pass a certification course for natural medicine – typically these courses are taken online. These practitioners provide sessions where they use crystals to heal the medical issues you have come to them with. As mentioned above in our list of crystals and their individual uses, each crystal has a different healing benefit. A practitioner will choose a particular stone or stones based on the symptoms you have stated. 

When visiting a crystal healer, the way they use the stones is different to how you could use them in everyday life. The chosen crystals will be placed on different parts of your body which align with the chakra points of the symptoms you are showing. The usual positioning for these stones again will depend on why you are visiting the healer, but typically they are placed on points of the body such as; above the head, on the forehead, throat, chest, stomach and genital area. This allows the crystal to tap into the energy field, or chakra, of the body and the particular spot it is placed on, to heal the patient’s needs. 

Another way a crystal healer may perform a healing session is to simply place the stones around you in a circle. This is to create an energy field which surrounds the client with healing energy. 

Day to day healing

One of the most popular healing methods is day to day healing. This is simply taking on the crystal of your choice and keeping it close to you on a daily basis. This can be anything from wearing the stone as a piece of jewellery, such as a necklace or bracelet, or to simply hold a crystal in your hand during times of need. Many have reported to feel the crystals vibrate and heat up or even make their hand tingle whilst holding it. This is suggested to be the crystal passing on the healing properties. 

Sleep healing

Another way of using the healing crystals is to place the stone under your pillow at night. This allows the crystal to banish negative thoughts and dreams while you sleep, while also soothing and healing the mind. This method may be more useful for people who suffer with negative energy and thoughts – especially while they lie in bed and/or sleep. A good crystal for this method could be one such as Jasper which is known to diminish negative thoughts and energy before it reaches its owner.  A Bloodstone could also be a good option to place under your pillow at night as this is said to promote blood circulation. 

The placebo effect

As mentioned earlier on, some have suggested that the crystals only work due to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is where your mind and body believe that the medicine you are using is working, and therefore your symptoms begin to alleviate. Licensed crystal healers, day to day healing, and sleep healing could be just that; the placebo effect. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

There have been many studies and research which shows that the placebo effect can be very powerful. Through the power of suggestion and belief, symptoms can get better over time and even completely disappear. This is a form of mental healing and can be extremely beneficial to some patients, especially those who suffer with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The basis for this is, if you believe that the healing will work, you will start to see the benefits. 

Having a strong belief power can drastically change the results you see in crystal healing. That being said, major, life threatening illnesses such as liver disease or heart problems will not be able to be healed through crystal healing or the placebo effect and this is certainly not something your doctor would advise.

How to choose the right crystal

Selecting the right crystal can feel tricky. However, it can be made much more simple if you understand what you want to get from the crystal and what you want to heal. For example, the most common main healing categories for crystals, as mentioned above, are: health, wealth, and love. This is where you should start. 

Begin by thinking about what it is you wish to heal. Does it fall into the health category, or is it more on the love side? Maybe it is wealth you are wanting to promote? (Remember that wealth doesn’t necessarily mean money, you can want to be wealthy in knowledge or tranquillity.) Once you have understood what it is you are looking for, you can then begin to research the particular crystals associated with the category you have chosen. 

If you are ready to start on your crystal journey and discover the healing energies they offer, have a look at our vast range of crystals.

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