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A Spooky Time for a Skull

There is a lot to love and look forward to in the month of October; a few favourites might be the stunning and striking colour-change of the leaves on the trees, altering the landscape into a rich, fiery canvas. Or it could be the Pumpkin-Spice-everything from your latte to your cakes and even your favourite tipple. And then, of course, there’s Halloween and who doesn’t love to have the friendly spooky time of their lives!

You may have already been able to browse through our unique and wonderful collection of products (and sure enough the choice is HUGE!) but now is the time to pay particular attention to our crystals… and what better time to dive into the world of CRYSTAL SKULLS for this Halloween.

From mini skulls to the extra-large ones; from phantom quartz to blue soladite; you are bound to find the skull of your dark and wonderful dreams!

Did you know?

  • Crystal skulls are believed to store and transmute all the wisdom and knowledge of the living brain; this is because, according to author Ken Harsh, the human skull is so shaped as to allow maximum brainwave energy patterns and thought in all realms – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Crystal skulls are said to enhance psychic abilities and aid in connecting to your Starseed soul and channelling your energy.
  • Of all of the crystal skulls, the Mitchell-Hedges skull is probably the most infamous.  Apparently discovered in Belize, in the mid-1920s by Anna Mitchell-Hedges on her 17th Birthday, and nick-named the ‘Skull of Doom’ it was believed to have brought illness and even death to several people who cynically laughed at it. It was later stated that the skull actually helped in the healing process, on a number of occasions.
  • Our skulls are rich in colour and texture, exquisitely carved, detailed and genuinely friendly!
  • Crystals skulls can be used daily in meditation, to aid cleansing, healing and can be powerful tools for spiritual growth.

No matter our interest in crystal skulls, they remain fascinating, mysterious and intriguing. Get yours in our shop today and let yourself believe in the poetic powers of the crystal skull!

But remember, crystal skulls are not just for Halloween!

Wishing you a spook-tacular October!

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