Aqua Spirit Quartz Cluster


Unleash your inner spirit and connect to multiple energy fields with this stunning Aqua Spirit Quartz.

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Aqua Spirit Quartz is a Clear Quartz cluster which has taken on a blue-aqua coloration.  It is known as Spirit Quartz due to the clusters of the mineral growing on top of existing crystal clusters, improving it’s refraction energy. It combines all minor energies to create on large source of power which we can rely on when we are in need of aid. It grounds the physical body and raises the spirit to be released from within. This allows connection to the Earth and all of the energy fields it produces, providing you with an insight to past, present and future energies, allowing you to connect yourself to all manner of realms of possibility.

  • Beautiful crystal with intricate depth and colour.
  • Comes with display stand.
  • Said to allow channelling of multiple energy fields.

PLU: 6321STN

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