Clear Quartz Pyramid – 1.258kg


Clear Quartz pyramid, to cleanse your chakras and create a vortex of joyful energy in your home.

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Stunning Clear Quartz four-sided pyramid. Masterfully shaped and an eye-catching piece for any home. Quartz is known as a “Master Healer” crystal, and aids in cleansing chakras. Pyramids are a sacred shape which collects energies from the universe and collects it at the apex.

  • Said to aid in coping with changes in the body and soul.
  • Increases spiritual vibration and frequency to follow universal progression.
  • Creates a vortex of energy, uplifting and joyful experience.
  • Sits nicely on a frequently used coffee table or as a centrepiece on display.
  • Weight approx.: 1.258kg

PLU: 4623STN

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Weight 1.258 kg


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