Jual Phantom Quartz Crystal


Be transported to a tranquil marine world when looking deep into the intricacy of this beautiful Phantom Quartz.

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Absolutely stunning Phantom Quartz crystal with a highly polished surface. Minerals which are captured during the Quartz forming process deliver this breath-taking teal composition which can be viewed time and time again to invigorate the mind and soul. Phantom Quartz is reputed to cleanse your energies and provide healing qualities from the rare and unique clusters of mineral deposits within.

  • Unique and beautiful appearance.
  • Polished surface to enhance crystals inner beauty.
  • High energy crystal with powerful healing effects.
  • Clears energies to aid Post-Traumatic-Growth (PTG).
  • Anti-depressant effects with meditation.
  • Beautiful hand-carved wooden stand.

PLU: 6349STN

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