Mystical Faery Folk Book


Listen to the messages of the Faery Folk and discover new worlds, interpreted by Joy Lynette Smith

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A book for those who connect with nature and truly believe in the mystical forces of the little folk. They protect the forest and wish to impart their advice on how to protect and preserve their home. They wish to remind us to focus on the good, and not to dwell on the problems we have presented to nature. A selection of poems regarding many fascinating and enchanting locations such as ours lay inside. Simply sit back, open your mind and allow the readings to bring you the message of the Mystical Faery Folk, from Joy Lynette Smith.

  • 50 beautiful poems addressing the homes of the Faery Folk.
  • Images of each location with insightful texts.
  • Connect to the Devic Realms and hear the message of the Faery Folk.

PLU: 8641STN

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