Phantom Quartz Point 51-75g


Find comfort within the mineral inclusions of these fascinating Phantom Quartz crystals whilst warding off negative energy and thought.

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Phantom Quartz is a variety of Quartz which has developed over other minerals during the forming process. It’s great for cleansing the aura and removing negative thoughts and energy around you. It aids in spiritual growth and brings clarity and strength.

  • Genuine Quartz with “phantom” mineral inclusions.
  • Provides support and insight.
  • Helps put the past into perspective.
  • Fascinating to look at and every one unique.

PLU: 6382STN

Please note – All crystals are unique and so we cannot guarantee that the one you receive is the same as those pictured. However rest assured that we will carefully pick a crystal from our selection of the same weight and quality.

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