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By Roland Rotherham

St Nectan and the Legacy of the Dragon.

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By Roland Rotherham

St Nectan and the Legacy of the Dragon.

Our very own book written by Roland Rotherham!

Includes Stunning photos by top photographers of Churches & Wells from Wales, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Foreword by Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe

“Sacred Falls” is the story of one of the West of England’s most loved Saints, Saint Nectan.

His history, the legends of his almost endless family and the sacred site of Nectan’s Glen, holding as it does the beautiful ‘Falls’, are explained in this narrative together with a possible link between Saint Nectan’s family and the warlord who may be attributed to the later legends of King Arthur. The book also deals with the history and legends of many of Cornwall’s other sacred wells and springs.

This is a book for all tastes, not just the historians.

Format: Hardback – 120 pages

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