St Justin Pewter Celtic Hare Brooch


A beautifully crafted Cornish pewter brooch featuring a Celtic Hare, which represents fertility, abundance and longevity.

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This beautifully crafted brooch is in the form of a sitting Hare with Celtic trefoil on it’s breast and Celtic knotwork ears. The hare is a sacred symbol for the moon. It symbolises fertility, longevity and abundance. In our Celtic history the Goddess Eostre (Ostara) was closely associated with the hare and the rebirth of nature in Spring. Today the Easter bunny has become a symbolic icon worldwide. Comes with gift box as shown.

  • Beautifully crafted Celtic Hare brooch.
  • Symbol of fertility, abundance and longevity.
  • Made in Cornwall.
  • Width: 14mm Height: 34mm.

PLU: 6406STN

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