Tree of Life Dreamcatcher


Catch your negative thoughts and dreams to be burned up in the morning light to bring you a restful nights sleep with this beautiful multicoloured dreamcatcher.

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Dreamcatchers are hung above a bed or resting area, and are reputed to catch and absolve dreams, thoughts or energies in their intricate webs. Negative dreams and energies are burned up with the morning light, and the positive affirming thoughts, dreams and energies flow down through the decorations below, and back to the caster. These beautiful dreamcatchers are adorned with Chinese coins, beads and colourful tassels, with the tree of life as the “catcher”. This reminds us of our connection to nature and life within it, giving us peace and reminding us of our place in the natural world.

  • Beautiful decoration and twisted wire Tree of Life.
  • Catch and destroy the negative dreams and energies which affect your sleep.
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia.

PLU: 6570STN

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